Thursday, May 02, 2019

Sunset Slow

A Low-Country sunset makes it on to our list of things to enjoy this Spring and though we tried once recently and enjoyed beauty, it was cloudy and we wanted to try again!

Our sky views are usually fringed with dozens of towering trees so our pulling up to the wide open sky of the dock is expansive and breath-taking on its own.

Jet streams, silhouettes of gulls, excitement in young ladies voices, breeze keeping bugs away, liquid gold reflecting on the lapping waves all compel us to slow and take a deep breath and each enjoy this gift in our own reflective way.

Rachel is on a shell collecting adventure while Emily and I are drawn slowly to the dock for a front-row seat to the beauty. Grammie prefers the steadiness of land for her spot and we each begin to gather beauty.

Beauty through the eyes, the calm of the water lapping sounding in our ears, the fresh air blowing over us and sending a chill, the reflection of sunlight on water, the horizon that gets more like a rainbow every moment.

We are content to sit quietly and just take it all in, pausing to share a sight of beauty with each other when it bubbles off of our tongues. We notice the wispy-ness of the clouds overhead and later witness them looking like tufts of cotton candy suspended from the heavens. Rachel finds a horseshoe crab and part of her longs to bring it home which we did not do!

Slowing is the avenue for beauty enjoyment and noticing small ordinary details. When we scurry, we miss the little things.

Living close to this dock has been one of the unexpected blessings of our location - seeing the pink dreamy light through the trees at home gives us just enough time to hop in the car and enjoy the twenty minute painting through the sky as the sun sets.

Being near the water is not a particular draw to me, but I do love the beauty of a sunset and can even appreciate the beauty of the water when it is in a peaceful scene like this.

As the light drops lower, the beauty of the sky increases and the cares of the surroundings diminish. Emily and I look for all the colors of the rainbow along the edge of the world and the varying shades of blues and oranges and pinks.

The sky changes almost every moment it seems and we just gulp to take it all in!

I sit and ponder things heavy on my heart and Emily and I share a knowing look and word with a hug.

Be still.

Do not fear for I am with you.

I have overcome the world.

Echoes of the breath of God waft into my heart on the waves and wind.


Kimberly Lottman said...

I lived in Charleston for two years back in the early 90's and always loved the sunset over the ocean!

Mom said...

Great to share in this beauty with you, Emily, and Rachel! :)