Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Slow Sunset

Once a year, in early spring, we don our pajamas and head out to the local ice cream shop who offers a free ice cream cone when you are in your pj's. It has become a spring tradition, a kickoff of the season and I've started writing it on the calendar on March 1st to call and find out when the free pj night is.

This year, I called one Saturday and it was that day! We spontaneously ate an early dinner, changed into the comfy clothes we are always happy to put on and piled in the car for the short drive. We always enjoy this time of calculating how much we saved in getting free ice cream, having a bigger cone than we ever would if we were paying {they offer only one free size and it is big!} and laughing together over anything and nothing while licking the sweet frozen goodness that threatens to drip down our chins and fingers.

We swat at sand gnats and wonder if other customers know why we are wearing our pj's?! They could've had free ice cream too but it is quickly obvious who knew ahead of time and who didn't based on attire!

After our tummies are full and our sticky hands and faces are wiped as clean as we can get them, the sky beckons with watercolor paint strokes across it as the sun sets. God's artistry calls to a place inside and we answer the call with a quick stop at the boat landing.

Here, little adventurers are off on the hunt for shells and other interesting goodies while I like to look through the lens of my camera and capture the beauty to be treasured and remembered another day. Looking at the images transports me back to the smells of the water, breeze blowing over our skin and birds silhouetted against the ombre sky.

We wonder where all the bricks came from that are carelessly left to weather along the water's edge and who is out on the boat we can see in the distance. We notice how the sky changes every moment, each time you look at it there is some difference. The sun moves and changes the shadows and slits of light between the clouds. Jetstreams move and change and the reflection of light on water mesmerizes us.

Some Slow Days I wake up just not really wanting to document the day in photos and especially not wanting that practice to be forced. So, today I share this slow evening with you instead which was completely unforced and full of beauty. In many ways, the sunset is not slow - once the sun starts to go down, it only takes fifteen minutes to be completely hidden behind the shadow of the horizon, but its rays stay with us in the sky a bit longer.

To me, that is one of the beauties of experiencing beauty - how it stays with us even when we can't see it any longer just like the sun dipping beneath the edge of the earth. We carry the image and memory, the sensation and the moments with us and that brings fuel and inspiration and refreshment for the next steps in our journey.


Agnes said...

what a beautiful post Monica, very poetic. I think your writing is improving and your choice of words (silhouetted, mesmerized for example) gives us exactly a sense of what you were experiencing. Can't wait for that new book!!!
Also I was thinking maybe you could have a way to dedicate the books that would be a lovely personal touch too.
Enjoy your slow days :)

Ginger said...

I can tell how your writing has changed.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures, well as beautifully described! You amaze me!
Glad you all had fun getting your free ice cream cones again this year!
Love you, Grandma

Mom said...

I could visualize the sweet ice cream enjoyment and the gorgeous sunset from your description even without the photos - just lovely! :)