Friday, March 15, 2019

Be Yourself

One thing that is obvious from being at Magnolia Market is all the little touches of beauty and style that are so "Joanna" - you know what I mean right? For example, these galvanized buckets with herbs and greens on each picnic table under the weathered barn roof. The colors, style and inviting touches all scream of her personality and the things she loves.

Side note: it was funny to notice so much of her style in how other guests were dressed at the Market! It's like a Joanna uniform - olive green and black/white stripes were quite common!

This idea of being yourself is one that I write about in my next book {announcement coming soon on this!} and is one that I am grateful my Mom cultivated in my growing up.

Magnolia Market is decorated with a theme each season and that carries through into the magazine as well. I love this wall just as you walk in with a message we all want and need to hear - being me is enough!

The newest issue of the magazine has a great article about authenticity and some journaling prompts that will be fun to walk through soon.

What does it mean to you to be yourself? I find that it is rather circumstantial how comfortable I feel in being truly myself. For example: I don't like to be watched or to think that other people are waiting on me, I like the solitary-ness of doing things quietly on my own and then sharing them with others in a way that is comfortable to me.

But on the other hand, I find it easy to say what I like/dislike as I have opinions about all the things! Joining the writing group this year has been another layer in learning to be myself. Sharing of who I am requires putting myself out there and being honest and vulnerable, real and open. It also invites me into the opportunity to care about these things in others - wanting to be known is great, but I should also remember to seek to know those around me in the same ways I want to be known.

What are some ways you stay true to yourself? How do you live out being authentic?

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