Monday, February 04, 2019

January/February Goals

My January goals:

- have Christmas at home as a family on New Year's Eve: check! It was fun to do cozy things in our house after being gone a month.
- ease back into school at about half schedule for a week and then full schedule after that: complete - we are back in the full school schedule and routine here
- host a local CC event with several CC communities: yes! This was neat as a class of HS seniors came from another city and held a Q&A session with parents of students entering High School. So inspiring!
- attend a one day retreat with Ruth Chou Simons of Gracelaced: check!

- take each of my kids on a date once this month - this is an ongoing struggle for me and it has been on my list before without successful completion - but I'm trying again!: Emily and I kicked things off this month! She wanted to go to the library, TJ Maxx and to get a frozen lemonade at Sonic during Happy Hour! Then Samuel and I had breakfast at Chick-fil-A one Saturday morning followed by a visit to the library also. Rachel and I headed downtown for frozen yogurt and wandering through little local boutique shops. All three were fun and I'm pleased with the success in this area!
- start reading through the Chronological Bible in a Year with my kids in our morning Bible time: our friends started a great group called the Bible Tribe! Yes! As of right this moment, we are caught up! It is not easy as some of the readings are quite lengthy and difficult! But, I'm pleased with our progress.
- Memorize Colossians 1:1-10 {as part of our CC leadership team, I'd like to memorize the entire book of Colossians this year and this would keep me on track for this month}: I've been working on this and can roughly say verses 1-10, so it is definitely not done or polished but it is progress. Not sure I'll be able to keep up the pace on two verses per week but either way it is good practice and discipline.

- make time for the quiet work: mini quiet retreat early January and soul declutter. Check!
- exercise 3x a week and log My Fitness Pal meals at least 6 days a week: Yes, I did this - though this last week has been harder to stay on track!
- reinstate afternoon Quiet Time for my sanity and as a blessing to my children: we did this most days, sometimes something came up but overall it is definitely progress over not having it at all!

February Goals:
- make microwave heat bags for Emily and Rachel - I got one of these in a swap box years ago and we have all be fighting over it during chilly days!
- Attend Writing With Grace retreat in Waco!!!
- Celebrate our 15th Anniversary!
- Celebrate Valentine's Day as a family.
- Finish the last two chapters of my second book - I am so so close to finishing and struggling to keep pressing on. There is still plenty to do after writing is complete - but it is the next step!
- Have a girls day out with Emily and Rachel planned for this coming Saturday.
- reduce expectations and pull back where I can
- continue Quiet Time
- I'd like to continue walking and logging in My Fitness Pal as well

What are your goals for February!?


Anonymous said...

These are my favorite posts of yours! So inspiring! I like the idea of doing monthly goals instead of just having a massive to do list like I have. I need to work on making a list for Feb.

Agnes said...

Thank you for being so real with us readers, thank you for not putting goals that would shame us. Thank you for reminding us that quiet is so important.
God bless