Thursday, December 06, 2018

Gifts of Beauty

Christmas lights in kids rooms.

Leftover Thanksgiving flowers gifted by a sweet friend and enjoyed for days!

Leaves in the Chick-fil-A parking lot in Atlanta on our road trip last weekend.

As many times as we've driven across I-70 across Kansas, I don't remember ever seeing this church before which is right on the Interstate. The wind turbines right behind it give an unusual contrast.

A pile of plowed snow in the parking lot of the gas station was quite an amusement to these southern kids!

If we stopped every time I wanted to take a picture, we would literally never get anywhere - but I did want a picture of some hay in a field so we had to pull over and get a quick shot. When I looked to the other side of the road - I saw this gorgeous sky:

What simple beauties have you enjoyed lately?


Jackie said...

Monica, the way in which you capture God's creation and life is a gift from God. Thank you for sharing with us.

Elise Reagan said...

Hold the phone, you were in Atlanta and didn't call me?!?!?!?! We must remedy that! :) Love these images!