Friday, November 16, 2018

October/November Goals

Ahem, I noticed on exactly November 10th that I had not even thought about my October goals for quite some time. That's an indication of life lately right?

Better late than never!

October goals:
- solo trip to Colorado: check, had a great time!
- family camping trip: another great family time!
- host CC Challenge students: this was a wonderful opportunity to host our kids friends and have a fun evening together
- host CC Praise and Provision night: seeking God for His provision for this next year and praising Him for what He provided this past year
- write one chapter of my next book: not in October, but since then I've written TWO!
- family Christmas photo taken: also completed in November, love how they turned out!

November goals - probably more of my it is the end of Fall what do I still want to do list!
- make pumpkin french toast
- have a small medical procedure taken care of
- host Rachel's Challenge class for Friendsgiving and service project
- set a fun Fall table for my family - maybe Thanksgiving breakfast?
- make pumpkin bread, how can it be almost Thanksgiving and I haven't made any yet?!
- do something crafty just because
- watch a cozy Thanksgiving or Christmas movie, any suggestions?

What are your November goals?!

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Kimberly Lottman said...

I would suggest Christmas in Connecticut if you can get access to it. I think you will really like it! :)