Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Slow Moments

Crabapples and leaves in the alley.

A little visitor in the wood pile while working on an outside project. I took these for the girls who have already both named this little mouse.

Making sopapillas!

Watching Poldark!

Tried these donuts from the most recent Magnolia Magazine - they did not go according to plan so we agreed they will not be worth making again!

Playing Skip-Bo.

Time together.


Cozy breakfast.

Time to read, enjoy the view, process and notice beauty from the plane.


*carrie* said...

Only you would see beauty in the crabapples on the alley steps and think to take a picture!!

I can't believe you saw a little mouse and that you were able to get several photos of him.

So glad you guys had that time together. Love you!

Mom said...

Ha! I agree with Carrie's comment about the crabapples! :) Sweet memories - thanks again for coming!