Thursday, October 11, 2018

Mom & Me Outing

That title makes it sound like a preschooler and his/her mama, but in this case I am far from a preschooler but still need and love time with my sweet Mom.

I want to be more like her, she is so generous and self-less, she shows such grace in the face of hard things and yes, she is real but there is so much strength there that I admire and appreciate.

Some family friends came over one evening so that she and I could get out for an evening. We picked something that would cover being outside, seeing beauty, enjoying something to eat - again making the most of the opportunity we were given.

I had hoped to see some yellow leaves and we did see some! We had a lovely and cool walk around the Broadmoor hotel lake and then went inside to a little cafe for some heavenly pastries!

This was such a treat and I'm so glad we got to do this together!


Mom said...

Dear sweet Monica, this outing was definitely a treat - treasured new memories!! And thank you for your kind words (which brought tears to my eyes, of course). Love you!! <3

Jackie said...

Monica, you are more like your mom then you see. Look at those eyes of hers that see the world through God's eyes. Look at that smile that gives comfort, compassion, encouragement, joy....and even those beautiful earrings....look in the mirror. Your mom gave birth to you, but oh she did so much more then that. She, through her wonderful example, prayer and leading made you into that wonderful woman you are today. You are such a wonderful reflection of who she is. When both of you look into the mirror you will see each other and your love of God and family. Never forget that. Be kind to yourself, you are right where God wants you to be in your life.