Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Fall fun!

We had both the girls Challenge {CC} classes over recently for a hot dog roast and games! It was so much fun!

Relay games were first - teams were chosen by popping balloons to find names inside and assigned to a team.

Opponents then had to go through stations of eating a donut off a string, blowing a ping pong ball into a horseshoe, unrolling toilet paper, stacking cups, balancing a pumpkin on their head and building a tower of cups without knocking it over!

Then they roasted hot dogs over the fire and ate chili, veggies and chips. We followed that up with a Cornhole Tournament which was super fun to watch - they were really into it!

S'more's and hot drinks were a fun stop in between games. Emily suggested bringing the checkers game out near the fire and it was also played numerous times!

Another mom has been helping me plan and execute these monthly gatherings for our teens and tweens. It makes me a little nervous to plan something for this age group as I'm not sure what they will enjoy - but two for two so far they've been a big hit! So grateful for these friends for our children and the fun memories they can make together!


Kristin said...

What a great idea! I'm sure that is a blessing to those students/families by bringing bring unity to the group outside the classroom setting. Great job!

Mom said...

Lots of fun new memories!! :)