Friday, August 10, 2018

July/August Goals

It's that time again to look at my monthly goals and see how I did!

Here were my July goals:

- spend as much time at home as possible :) yes!
- go camping together as a family: as you've seen in our many photos, this was a lovely success!
- start a prayer group online for two things: what is next for my book and future writing and to be able to pray for those who respond: Heart of Slow prayer group is a sweet place and I'm grateful for each friend there!
- continue working on refinishing our dining room table and chairs; currently three chairs are stripped of their previous finish - so I have three to go plus the table and then to finish with new stain and/or seal: DONE!
- organize closets and drawers a little bit each day; I love to start school with things in order!: haven't done a whole lot with this but have done some tidying and taken a few things to the thrift store. Trying to just deal with things when I come across them so I'm not overwhelmed later!

August goals:

- start our homeschool year: I realized this summer that 2018 marks the halfway point for our homeschooling journey! I'm not sure whether to rejoice or be frightened in that fact - ha! But either way, I'm grateful for God's faithfulness and especially relying on Him as we enter these middle and high school years.
- go apple picking
- finish reading one last book for Emily's readers this year
- paint our piano bench
- care for potted plants on porch and plant them in the yard if they start to look droopy
- basically just maintain the order we have right now and get back into the school year routine
- log my meals and vitamins in my health journal - I've gotten off track

Tell me about your goals for this month!


Anonymous said...

These goal posts of yours have become one of my favorites. So vey inspiring and doable. I am trying to make seasonal goals, but I like the idea of breaking that up into monthly goals too. I have been trying to put our seasonal goals on the calendar with a specific date and time. It is more likely to happen then. I created a simple daily “Mama’s Healthy Habits” checklist for me to check off throughout the day and it has been really helping me stay on track with those habits (I mark off boxes for water, if I tracked my food, cardio, strength training, stretching, vitamins, and going to bed on time).

Mrs. Chrissy T said...

This has become one of my fave posts of yours. I plan to just keep our school routine going, deep clean bathroom, get a family picture, get my ready and packed for college, walk 3 times a week.

Monica Wilkinson said...

@Mrs. Chrissy: that's a great list! Way to go friend!