Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Slow Week Day Three

Inspiration for Slow Day #3:
- First of all, I stayed in my pj's until 11am - I highly recommend this once in a while! Getting some computer work done while comfy is just glorious.
- I was in a funk for a lot of this day {4th of July} my projects just weren't going smoothly and I was frustrated with myself! Redeeming action: do something that is life-giving. Late afternoon I just took a break to sit and do nothing and relax. Then when it was time to start dinner, I took a deep breath and just got going. Setting a pretty table cheered me and pretty soon I was feeling great and having a fun evening - we enjoyed the porch, sunset and even some unexpected fireworks that were not in a crowded place {glory, hallelujah} so the girls and I made a fun memory staying out late seeing the displays. A little flexibility was definitely needed but at the end of the day, I was happy we did all the things we did and didn't and that the day ended well!


*carrie* said...

Fun patriotic cornhole game!

Mom said...

Great 4th of July photos! And love the photo of the three boys!! :)

Stephanie in SC said...

Monica, I loved reading this post. It seems my life for the last 18 months has not gone as I planned, anyway! I love to see that you are extending grace to yourself as well as others. I know you are not a perfect person, but you seem to be a wonderful mom. I've read your blog for years, and still enjoy it very much!

Monica Wilkinson said...

Thank you Stephanie! Hugs!!