Tuesday, July 10, 2018

An Invitation: Heart of Slow Prayer Group!

Recently, I've mentioned doing an update on where things are with my book and maybe a look at what the next step is. As for the next step: I wish I knew - keep reading ...

Two years ago, with your help {t-shirt orders!!} I was able to self-publish my first book Slow Lane.
I have never been very public with all of the difficulties that we encountered in this process but I will sum it up by saying that the publisher I used is no longer in business and that is a good thing.

That leaves me here now again wondering what is next? Should I just let it be? Should I pursue self-publishing again or continue to look for a traditional publishing option? And on top of all that, I'd love to continue writing and publish a second book.

So, now what? Well, as I have been thinking and praying about that - God pressed on my heart the idea of a prayer team. Inviting those of you who have been personal friends, friends of slow through my blog, faithful readers here, etc. If you are on my newsletter list {you can subscribe on the right} you already know this and some of you have joined me in praying already - thank you!!

I'm inviting you, yes each and every one of you, to join me in praying about the future of Slow Lane and any other writing that may come. I want to be diligent and purposeful about seeking what God has and not just what is my mind or thoughts about this or any other project.

Would you be willing to join my prayer team? I'd be honored and humbled if you did and would also love the opportunity to pray for you at the same time.

There are two options so you can pick your pace:
- subscribe to my newsletter; this was initially set up to be a way of sending free Slow goodies that came out with my book and you will still get those! I am planning to send a monthly prayer update via this option. The next newsletter update will go out on July 15 including a bookmark that you can print and tuck in your Bible or prayer journal.
- join my Heart of Slow prayer group on Facebook; I anticipate this being active more often so again, choose the method that fits your life best! All printables included in the newsletter will also be available in the Facebook group!

Thank you for considering joining me in prayer about this - I have seen over and over how God provides when we pray and how often I think of this last when I should think of it first.

I still very much live and believe the message of slowing - Your will be done Lord!

Here is a free printable with Colossians 4:2-6 on it - enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Praying with you regarding this, sweet friend! =) God has given you the gift of words. Thank you for being a vessel He can use to bless others in this way. May He guide, direct, and bless in just the right way in just the right season.

*Proverbs 25:11, Proverbs 16:24*

In Christ's Love, Katie

Mrs. Chrissy T said...

I will be in prayer.

Jackie said...

You and your family are so often in my prayers. You are a wonderful example to your children, church family and all who read the homespun heart.

Bevy @ Treasured Up and Pondered said...

I will be in prayer. I have joined your (or want to) FB group... as that is where I do hang out a lot.

Also. I really need to get your book! I have ALWAYS, ALWAYS loved your blog. It was one of the first that I had found and followed. You have been a blessing and a source of inspiration to me over the years.

Thank you for all you do!! And, how you minister!