Thursday, June 14, 2018

Slowing Summer: Day Four

Start today by praying through the words we have already looked at:

"Come, Holy Comforter, give grace to weary hearts
Bring back the wanderer, drive away the dark ..."

Let's look at the next phrase:

"You're the summer of our souls..."

What words come to mind when you think of summer? List a few here:

Now look at your list again in light of the phrase for today, You're the summer of my soul  - could you replace summer with any of those descriptive words to visualize what He is to your soul? {For example, if you think of summer as refreshing, You're the refreshing of my soul.}

Look up the following verses:

* Proverbs 6:6-8
* Proverbs 10:5
* Proverbs 30:25

Each of these verses refers to storing up the bounty of summer produce.

Apply this to your soul - how can summer be an opportunity for you to prepare for the seasons ahead?

Read Matthew 6:19-20; what kind of things should you give attention to storing up?


Enjoy storing up some of summer's bounty:

* Freeze berries
* Make jam
* Dry herbs
* Press flowers
* Go on a nature walk

Printable pdf for today here.

** Song referenced in this study is Great One in Three by Sovereign Grace Music

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