Thursday, May 03, 2018

Monthly Goals: April/May

Did you set goals for yourself this past month? How did it go? I struggled with some of my goals because of the busy-ness of this time of year with extra calendar items as we finish things off for the school year or season.

Here is my list of April goals and how I did with each one:

- take each of my children on a date! Nope, even after extending this a second month, I still have not made it happen. Sigh.
- travel with kids to CO for a week: Check!
- have a picnic once a week: we had three picnics this month - close to achieving the once weekly but either way we still had three picnics so this is a success!

- resume my vitamin routine and health journal: also partial success on this one, I was faithful taking my vitamins some days and not as faithful others
- continue date nights: I think we had two date nights this month, still better than none!
- take a photo of beauty everyday this month, find beauty in the ordinary everyday: Check!

- help with our church Missions Conference prayer breakfast, this has been in the works for months and my friend and I have been busy bees preparing the gift boxes and table decor. It will be exciting to see it all come together!: Check - post on this coming up tomorrow!
- make scones and tea at least once: no, but I did make strawberry shortcakes one Sunday evening for a treat! So, I'm counting that!
- reduce my sugar intake! I have such a sweet tooth that this one is hard for me. I'm aiming for one sweet per day this month: I guess this wasn't a complete fail as I did reduce my sugar intake and even when I did have something sweet it was usually dark chocolate or a smaller portion of a sweet option. BUT, I did not maintain the one sweet per day ideal by any stretch of the imagination. When life is busy and I'm feeling that stress - I'm not great at keeping up with this kind of thing.

I did accomplish an extra thing or two - so I will celebrate that victory as well:
- David bought me a new phone for my birthday coming up soon. I was sort of hobbling along on an aging phone that really accomplished less and less as time went by. Hooray! He did all the research and bought me a new phone that was both affordable and does everything I wanted it to do and more! Yay! This is a big success!
- Started refinishing our dining room table and chairs. I have one arm chair completely stripped and a second chair in progress. You can see this on my Slow Day post yesterday. As I'm stripping it, I'm realizing how badly it needs to be done! Please weigh in on keeping it natural or staining it! I'm loving the natural wood but also like the warmer look of the stained. Not sure what to do!

Now, for some May goals, this coming month will be busy in different ways and I want to keep that in mind as I'm setting some goals - making them realistic and doable is the key to success in achieving them!

- help with our local CC parent practicum
- memorize Psalm 92:12-15
- finish school
- visit my sister {first long road trip with Scout! Tips for traveling with a dog?!}

- visit my parents
- pray about my next book, write out a plan for finishing it
- be more careful about buying things for our home - control clutter!

With school finishing up, I also have a few summer goals - I'm not sure the time frame of these yet but would like to knock out most of the item during the summer:
- read books that Emily will be reading for school next year {I've started already}
- refinish dining room table and chairs
- work on book
- go camping as a family

While one side of the table was serving lovely dessert - here is what the other side looked like: real life.

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Mrs. Chrissy T said...

Good job on your goals. I have been just tackling to do lists. I am graduating my first homeachooler. It has been so busy. Our church honors Seniors with a banquet, and slide show as well as they have to have a table. Then our homeschool co-op/group does as well. So...I have been bogged down in pictures and planning. Busy. I am only setting very basic goals for May.