Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Hoop Art DIY

Thank you for loving our decor and crafts from the Missions Conference that I recently shared. In case you want to make your own hoop art with any words in it - here is a quick tutorial on how we did this.

Embroidery hoop
Fabric strips for wrapping outer hoop
Cotton or muslin for verse
Piece of cardstock
Spray adhesive
Hot glue

Cut the fabric you want to use to wrap your hoop into strips, mine are about 1". 

Remove the inner circle of your hoop and set aside. Start at one edge and wrap the fabric strips around your hoop. You shouldn't need glue until the very end as you can just wrap the ends in place. When you get to the end of one strip, just add another one and wrap the end in. Continue wrapping all the way around and hot glue in place at the other end.

Set outer hoop aside. Lay out your muslin fabric and place a piece of cardstock on top of it. Trim around the cardstock so that you have a piece of fabric the same size.

Take your piece of cardstock outside or in a well ventilated place {spray adhesive stinks!} and place it in a box {pizza box works great!}. Spray one side of your cardstock with spray adhesive. Be careful not to spray the can on anything you don't want sticky! I wasn't actually spraying in this photo but moved it outside.

Press the fabric onto the tacky side of cardstock. Smooth out wrinkles, you can peel up and re-stick if necessary. You want it as smooth as possible.

Now flip over so that your fabric is facedown. Trim away any excess bits of fabric around the edges. You don't want these causing anything to get off kilter or stuck in your printer.

Now you will want to get your text typed up the way you want it on your computer. I used Microsoft Word and was able to fit two on a page as our hoops were 4" each. You might want to print a sample copy on plain paper to make sure you have your spacing and size correct before putting your fabric in.

Place the fabric covered paper in your printer, making sure you know which side it is going to print on and with the fabric on the right side to be printed on. Print the one I used here. I use a laser printer and don't have experience with other kinds of printers and how this would work.

Peel your fabric off of the cardstock after printing.

Cut as needed and place in your hoop.

Trim excess fabric from the back once you have it in the hoop and tightened.

You can see a Fall hoop I made using this same method and another hoop plus towel here, and when I celebrated reaching 2,000 items in my gratitude journal with a lovely dinner and hoops for my three kids listing things I love about them.

Enjoy this fun and versatile project!

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Mrs. Chrissy T said...

Fun!! Thanks for sharing.