Thursday, April 26, 2018


Earlier this month, I planned on taking one photo a day in my search for ordinary beauty - it has been fun and I look forward to sharing that post soon. One morning, Grammie offered our kids the opportunity to earn a little spending money by pulling weeds. We all worked together and it was fun, the pile of weeds with sun shining on it was beauty to me.

The colors of the kneeling mat, shovel and weeds together, the representation of hard work, the visual of our spiritual life and rooting out the things that need to go. Watching my children work and serve.

I just started this Flourish study from Well-Watered Women and I'm loving the parallels between gardening and our hearts.The study is about the Fruit of the Spirit and is great timing with Spring budding out all around us.

It doesn't hurt that our day started with these:

I'm asking God, my Heavenly Gardener, to tend and cultivate, plant and prune, weed and nourish the soil of my own heart to bear fruit for Him!


Mrs. Chrissy T said...

Working in the garden or doing yard work always reminds me of this very topic. Weeding and growing in the Lord. I always feel refreshed after hard work in the soil. It takes ms back to basics of nature. It slows us.

Mom said...

Trust you to make even pulling weeds beautiful! (I wish it was as easy to pull "weeds" out of our hearts/lives.) Thank you again to all of you for helping!!