Monday, April 02, 2018

March Goals Update

Another month has already come and gone and it is time to think back on how I did on my March goals!

- read 31 Days of Prayer for the Dreamer and Doer : check! The chapters are pretty small so I read one every morning and enjoyed re-reading this book!

- make sourdough bread: check! This has been a really fun and life-giving thing for me! I've had fun gifting a couple of loaves and bonus: my family loves it!
- continue date nights: check! This past weekend we went to see I Can Only Imagine - good yet hard.
- continue health journal: um, not so much. I did log meals on My Fitness Pal but sort of fell off the vitamin train for a couple of weeks - I need a reboot this month!

- attend a homeschool one-day retreat
- prepare for CC training I'm hosting in April: yes! I'm not finished, but the event is this Saturday so I am on the home stretch!
- First Day of Spring and Easter planned: check! First Day of Spring here and Easter pix coming this week!
- individual dates with each of my children: this is something I did not accomplish this month - David did take each of the girls out for breakfast, but I'm bumping this to April in hopes of making it happen soon!

How did you do on your goals for the month?


Mrs. Chrissy T said...

Awesome job. I really love this idea of monthly goals. I need to start doing this as well.

Unknown said...

Monica, this is off-topic, but how do you like having a beagle? My daughter desperately wants one, but I've heard they bark a lot, will wander off, and are difficult to train, so my husband and I are leaning more towards getting her a collie or a lab.

Monica Wilkinson said...

Oh, we absolutely adore our beagle!!! But this is the only one I've ever encountered so I don't really know about them as a whole. He rarely barks, is so quiet, so loving, fun and playful. He is not hard to train - very teachable and eager to please. We don't really let him roam free - he is either in the fenced in backyard, inside or on a long leash if we are out front. We walk him on a leash so I don't know about the wandering part. We had a lab before and I liked her too but she was so BIG! Scout is just such a good size and so snuggly - has been a perfect fit for us!

Mary Ann said...

I haven't made as much headway on my March goals as I would have liked so I need to sit down and look at them and see what I need to make priorities for April.

But really...I'm loving how dapper Scout looks in his bow tie! He is just too cute!