Thursday, March 01, 2018

February Goals Update

This month seems like it went really fast! Even though I was intentional about slowing, I'm just surprised it has been a whole month already!

With that said, it is time to do an update on my February goals. How are your goals going so far? I'm loving the monthly goal habit - it feels measurable and attainable!

- maintain logging meals, vitamins and walking: success! I'm so grateful that I've kept up with my health journal and vitamins!

- get a sourdough starter going: done! FYI: the starter I used was something a friend told me about from the Oregon Trail, you can get some for free by sending a self-addressed stamped envelope. Now that I have it going I'm feeling a little overwhelmed with all the methods to feed and maintain it so we'll see!

- if starter arrives and is active, try making bread: this is still on hold as the starter needs another week to be ready for bread baking

- Valentine family dinner and Anniversary dinner date: you can see our Valentine fun on my Slow Day post here. We did enjoy a nice Anniversary dinner as well but I didn't get any photos!

- when out for appointments this month, try to include opportunities for adventure and memory-making: check! While out for the orthodontist, we stopped for lunch at Chick-fil-A, took some doodling supplies and stopped at a park beforehand! Secondly, Samuel had an eye appointment in another city so we made a fun outing of that as well {car picnic and trying macaroons! Shown in my Slow Day post yesterday}

- host a craft morning/brunch for mama friends 

- schedule in free time with no agenda at least once a week: this ended up being my biggest success this month as I made time for stillness and unscheduled time every day for the past month. It has really been wonderful! Photo post of my daily stillness here.

- try a new Crock Pot recipe: we tried Slow Cooker Salsa Verde Honey Lime Chicken Tacos. Yum! We enjoyed this three ways: the first day we made it as tacos, next as quesadillas and then used the chicken for burrito bowls. Delish!

- buy flowers for our table at least once: check! I bought tulips for celebrating Rachel's Christian birthday

- pursue cozy things, spend time at home, stick to routines for cultivating order: yes!

- continue date nights: the first Friday in February I was fighting off something and wanted to stay home. Instead of going out, we went for a walk and came home to a sweet little set up that our children surprised us with! Leftovers were never fancier! Other weeks, we went out or had a picnic! I'm enjoying this new practice of going once a week!

How did your February goals go?


Mom said...

Good for you for making such great progress on your goals! And what a sweet surprise from the peeps to fix you up a nice table for an at-home date night. :)

E said...

What a fun thing for your little people to set up a special date night!! <3 You're teaching them so well, and they're catching on!! :-) I've considered the sour dough bread idea, too, so thanks for the Oregon Trail starter link...I agree's sounded SO overwhelming. I'm in the routine of doing our homemade yogurt & kombucha each week, so this would be another one to incorporate. Way to go on the Feb goal progress!! ~Eunice

Jen said...

I LOVE the flowers! If I were rich, I would have fresh flowers all around my home all the time! But, for now, I'm content with the spring flowers from Lidl and Aldi for just a few dollars! Spring flowers--tulips, hyacinths, peonies--are my favorite! I just wish they lasted longer. Happy spring to you and yours!

Misty D said...

Hi Monica,

I made that delicious crockpot recipe yesterday :) So yummy! Everyone loved it! She looks to have many more recipes I want to try too. It's nice to see she's thriving and doing well. My 13 year old daughter also has CF like she does.

Misty in Alaska