Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Slow Day

*ice crystals on a jar from the freezer
*hot tea in bed
*setting a pretty plaid table
*borrowed coffee machine for a gathering
*Apple Cider Cake from this cookbook
*thrifted polka dot tennies
*rosemary almonds
*Hello Fall plates from Target


Agnes said...

Hello Monica,
I noticed that you were putting your 100 year old dishes in the dish washer, you might want to rethink that, the paint on old dishes is not set up for high temp and will fade very fast. I just know by experience :(

Anonymous said...

Are you doing Slow days on Saturday now?

Monica Wilkinson said...

Agnes: yes, I've had that thought myself! Just getting through busy days right now :)

Anonymous: Well to be honest, we are doing Slow Day whenever it works which seems to be varying from week to week. Last week it was on Saturday but I certainly can't say it is every Saturday, it just varies!

Leanne said...

I think we need to hear more about that Apple Cider Donut cake.... !!
Also, how is your dad doing? My father-in-law was just diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer... it made me wonder how your dad is...