Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Filling my Beauty Tank

Not only have I been feeling in a dry season and craving beauty to refresh my soul, I've wondered how to work it in to our schedule. With our school demands increased this year {still homeschooling, still doing CC, just my children getting older!} I know that if we take a day off, we will have to figure out how to still get that work done.

As the end of August was getting closer, Rachel in particular asked several times about going apple picking and yes, I really wanted to do that too! We came up with a plan and our friends graciously agreed to host us so we went!

I am so glad we did.

My heart knows the truth of the fact that we need times of rest and beauty in our lives to keep from being dry, weary and burned out. And while these may be hard to figure out the particulars of or get the practical side of things ironed out - the investment is always worth it.

Feeling the cool mountain air, smelling the apple aroma all around and the scent of apple cider donuts being prepared, thinking of memories of coming in years past. All these things wrap themselves around us in a figurative hug. There is comfort there.

For me, beauty is mostly about being outside and slowing down. And since God started this whole desire for beauty in our hearts and gave us so much beauty to enjoy - I know He is pleased when we take time to pause and receive the benefits of what He has given us.

Lots of apple orchard photos to come this week - but I also want to hear how you make time for beauty in your life!

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Leanne said...

music... I love beautiful music... I love beautiful worship music of all genres... if I'm completely dry, I go there... its probably my "outdoors" :-) this time of year, I love to watch the beautiful fields of corn...so perfect and green...right before Harvest... I'm really blessed because its right behind my house... :-) and we don't even have to plow it!