Thursday, August 31, 2017

Slow Lane Photo Index: Part 2

Continuing with our walk through the photos in my book!

Page 57:
Candles: Another peek into that 2012 First-Day-of-School breakfast!
Leaves: A collection of finds during a nature walk one Slow Day morning.

Page 60:
Living Room: Just a cozy corner of our home featuring a $5 thrifted typewriter {one of my best thrifted finds of all time}, hydrangea bloom from our yard and warm lighting! {lamp is from Home Goods}
Sunflowers: A series two years ago on Quieting Fall featured photos of these cheery flowers!

Page 65:
Thermos: From one of our first apple picking picnics!
Goldenrod: Slow Day breakfast picnic at the boat landing near our house in Fall yielded some free weeds for decorating our table!

Page 68:
Apples: Making applesauce one year and wanting it to look pretty too!
Canning Jar: Same day as the goldenrod collecting above! A picnic on our driveway at lunchtime!

Page 71:
Rainbow Straws: the gift of an Etsy gift card yielded these fun straws!
Candles and Leaves: Nature walk turned table decorations!

Page 74:
Sunset: One of our favorite evening slow choices - chasing a beautiful sunset!
Fall table:  From the nature walk creativity shown above!

Page 77:
Slow Saturday morning breakfast
Vintage Linens: A fun craft with some dreamy soft linens given to me.

Page 78:
Hummingbird: One slow Saturday morning while I was sitting on my porch having breakfast, this hummingbird posed beautifully for me!
Cozy Layers: it is no surprise how much I love layering - I guess this is an example of a day it was actually cool enough to endure layers here!

Page 81:
Beach Picnic: When David brings home leftover sandwiches we make a memory out of it!
Writing Scene: One of my Sunday afternoon writing sessions - working on Slow Lane!

Page 83:
Church: After seeing this church on our way to my parents house so many times, I finally stopped to take a picture of it! It looks more run down every time we pass so I'm glad to have captured it, I love old buildings and would love to see inside it!! Matheson, CO.
Paper Wreath: a fun diy!

Page 86:
Slippers: I've had fun participating in the December Photo Project for several years. Waking up to snow is always photo worthy in my book! And I miss these slippers which I wore completely out!
Thanksgiving Snacky Lunch: Our favorite snacky lunch sandwiched in between a big Thanksgiving breakfast and dinner!


Page 89:
Sunrise: Winter sky watching the sun come up through the skeleton of the crabapple tree in my parents backyard.
JOY lights: one year at Target I thought I'd buy these on the after-Christmas clearance and then they were all gone! I was so sad until the next year when I spotted them again and promptly bought them right then! A fun bright spot on our piano each year!

Page 90:
Paper ornament: a little paper Christmas crafting!
Cozy Living Room

Page 93:
Christmas Tea Party: part of the December Photo Project and a cozy scene in our home one day at lunch time. Also a favorite Christmas book: Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree.

Page 94:
Crayon Heart Valentines
Christmas Mason Jar: One of my favorite Christmas decorations of all time!

Page 97:
Pink blooms: I call this a Tulip Tree but I'm not sure it really is - it is a member of the Magnolia family and is always one of the first things in our neighborhood to bloom in early Spring.
Chicken Noodle Soup: heart shaped carrots compliments of Rachel's industry and creativity for a fun Slow Day lunch!

Page 98:
Watercolors: A little crafting to send love and prayers when my sister was in the hospital with their youngest daughter for an extended time.
Christmas Studying

Page 101:
Prayer Mobile: another peek at the crafting shown in the watercolor photo on page 98.
Candle Jar: just adding a little bit of slow to the end of our day.

Page 102:
Moss and Leaves: nature beauty feeds the soul
Neighborhood Walk in Slippers

Page 105:
Paper Project
Sliced Strawberries: ready to top choc chip pancakes!

Page 106:
Emily reading in sunlight: one of my favorite things about homeschooling.
Slow Lunch

I can see why I didn't get this done in time to include in my book! It's a big job! But I am glad that I'm getting it done now!!

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