Thursday, August 17, 2017

Slow Lane Photo Index Part 1

When I'm reading a book or looking at a blog with photos, I find myself wanting to know things about what is shown in the photo. Where can I find that recipe? Where is that? What is that? What prompted that photo? Why is that photo meaningful?

As I mentioned yesterday, I'd originally hoped to put a catalog or index of the photos in my book in the back to answer all of those questions for any curious minds like mine out there. In the end, I wasn't able to make it happen with all the other challenges we were running into - so, I'm going to attempt to make it happen here!


Let's start with this cover! I still love everything about this - I submitted this concept idea and asked for a nice font for the lettering and this was definitely the easiest part of the whole book!

I did actually write a post about the cover and how it sort of evolved and the details of each of these photos here. This post includes links to blog posts that included the featured photos.

Dedication page: This SLOW sign was spotted on an evening Family Night walk along a trail in our area.

Table of Contents facing page:
* Breakfast for dinner: I had ordered the fancy bread from a homeschool fundraiser of some sort and added it to bacon and scrambled eggs for a yummy dinner that was so simple and yet full of beauty!
* Slow Day: Rachel snapped this photo of our outside school session one day. I was dictating spelling words!

Introduction facing page:
* Strawberry Picking
* Pumpkin Choc Chip muffins: Fall is definitely top on my favorite times of year! This tray photo came from this post and you can find the muffin recipe linked in this post! Paper plates and napkins were a fun find at Hobby Lobby that year!

Page viii:
Biscuits: Sunday morning breakfast with homemade strawberry jam one Spring right after I finished painting my kitchen cabinets!!
Cotton: Getting lost on the way to the pumpkin farm led us by this field!

Page 2:
Samuel laying in the grass reading his Bible: the beginnings of my love for slow days were days like this. A picnic on the driveway that turned into an afternoon of reading, being thankful and the sweetest, most beautiful memories.

Page 6:
Canning jar cookies: sugar cookies made with a canning jar cookie cutter {from World Market} for a fun baby shower treat!
Leaves: A friend sent me some crispy and beautiful leaves from Pennsylvania one Fall and I had so much fun taking pictures of them! Love that leaf smell!

Page 11:
Beach: A short stop at the beach becomes a pause for slow and memories in the midst of our ordinary and busy days.
Breakfast Picnic: Slow Day picnics have become a hallmark for us in pausing and are some of my favorite times.

Page 12:
Shells: miniature shells in tiny hands = so sweet! Same outing as the beach photo just above.
Tea Party: When a friend calls and is close and lunch is near we pause and celebrate and serendipity is found and enjoyed! Same day as the breakfast picnic just above this!

Page 17:
Lavender: a few sprigs is all I've ever successfully grown - but these were so enjoyed!

Page 21:
Weeds in front of water: a family night walk with the sun setting makes these weeds look artistic somehow!
Stripey straws: Choosing to create Fall even when it is hot outside! Our first Fall picnic one early September! Little milk jugs are from Shop Sweet Lulu.

Page 24:
Slow sign: Same photo as on the Dedication page and from the same family night walk shown several times already!
Leaves in wooden crate: Another view of a box of leaves received from a friend with more Fall colors than we get!

Page 28:
Nature goodies: a fun nature swap we participated in - these were some of the goodies we received!
Enamelware cup of tea: enjoying some simple warmth on our annual jaunt to pick apples!

Page 31:
Watercolors: Some Slow Day fun with those nature goodies from the swap pictured above!
Apples on tree: Another memory from our apple picking adventure - blue sky, green leaves and red apples!

Page 34:
Roses: From our front yard - I could not find a post that included this photo!
Yellow Butterfly: Spotted during our apple orchard visit!

Page 37:
Grain Sack Pillows: re-doing our school table with free paint and a gift card to Etsy for a large grain sack has served us well for a couple of years now!
Orchard Picnic!

Page 41:
Breakfast on our screened porch: could not find this photo featured in a blog post! But either way, pancakes and flowers from the grocery store made a regular routine into something special!
Covered Bridge: Following a sign for a covered bridge led to this adventure on the way home from picking apples!

Page 44:
Rocks on log: A Slow Sunday outing where my children played and I read nearby. They collected these rocks and I saw beauty in them!
Rainbow Leaves: collected at the covered bridge above.

Page 49:
Breakfast Shadows: Back-to-School breakfast 2012!
Fall Tea Tray: Pumpkin cookies, candle, Fall leaves - beauty!

Page 52:
Wisdom Hoop Art: a little back-to-school vignette.
Shoes on Dock: Slow Day beauty! A walk to the neighborhood dock for breakfast led to bare feet, exploring and memory making!

Well I'm not even 1/4 of the way through the book - but here is the first batch! I've had fun working on this, hope you enjoy it too!


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