Thursday, July 06, 2017

Road Trip: Day One

Road trips are one of those times when I want to pull over every few minutes and pick Queen Anne's Lace and take pictures of all the charming barns. But clearly we would never get anywhere if I did that so I just keep on trucking.

On our way home from CO, I thought it would be fun to pull over every hour or so {turned out to be longer between than that as the days went on!} and take a photo of something we were near. I succeeded with those most on the first day which I'll show you today. Also I figured, my kids will have lots of memories of these roads we travel a couple of times a year so I'm happy to have the photos too! Have fun traveling with us!

8am Ramah, Colorado {Highway 24}

Not long after, stopped for road construction: {Highway 24}

9:04am Flagler, Colorado {I-70}

9:55am Kansas Welcome Center {I-70}

12:02pm {passed the time change!} Oakley, Kansas {I-70}

12:46pm - had to have a photo of this red tractor working! {I-70} Near Ogallah, Kansas

2:12pm near Vesper, Kansas {I-70}

3:40pm Rest Area near exit for Manhattan, Kansas {I-70}

4:30pm Toll booth just past Topeka, Kansas {I-70}

5:30pm Kansas City {I-70 and I-435}

8pm Lee's Summit, Missouri - playing in the basement of Nana's apartment building


Mom said...

Love this photo journal of traveling across eastern Colorado and Kansas! :)

(Ha! I noticed Emily holding up two fingers behind Dorothy's head - just like her Daddy!)

Mary Ann said...

I love this! We were just talking the other day about doing more road trips. We hope to drive to Oregon in the next year or two (a big dream for my husband as he prefers driving to flying!) and would go through lots of states on that trip. I've been through most of the Midwestern and Western states because of long road trips as a child but he has not.

I'm known to have whomever is driving to pull over so I can take a picture of a barn or a green field in the middle of winter (Oregon!)...everyone loves this so much. LOL!

Mrs. Chrissy T said...

Oh how fun! Thanks for sharing!