Monday, July 31, 2017

Home Week Day 1

Good morning friends! This week I want to share photos from our recent camping trip! Because I'm a little behind on posts here on my blog - I'm going to combine these photos with a week of staying home thoughts. Sort of like the old Make Your Home a Haven idea. I originally thought I'd do a week with printables and fun challenges for each day but that didn't happen! {see update below!}

After we'd been gone camping, I was looking forward to a week at home without a lot of extra outside things planned. Staying home and focusing on some projects, my heart and such was just what I know I needed! It didn't end up being as slow and peaceful {or productive!} as I'd imagined but isn't that real life?

My hope is that the photos will be a place of calm, like a little virtual vacation to a peaceful place! And I'll share some Scripture and things to consider as we prepare our hearts for the back-to-school pace coming up. There is a little anxiety about all of that in my heart so I know I needed some time with the Lord about this. And after a whole week I'm not done - it will continue into next week as well.

For today, I'll leave you with a list of questions that I wrote down. These are things I want to process in my quiet time before we get going again on our school-year schedule. What would you add?

* What do I need to accomplish in my home before school starts? How can I divide those things up over the next week or two? What can I let go of?

* How can/should I be preparing my heart for the upcoming school year?

* What does my family need before our schedule picks back up?

* What do I need?

* How can I prepare for school organization or practical needs?

* What projects need our attention short-term?

I only got through one of these questions during my first day quiet time. Take it slow. Ok, I still wanted to do a printable! You can print a list of these questions here after all!

PS: This song has basically been in my head all summer!

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