Monday, June 05, 2017

Summer Delights

Summer has approached and is the loveliest of times to slow down and enjoy things we can't always take time for. I'm eager for a summer of slowing down! Last summer was so very busy that we have plans to make this summer much different! We are off to a good start!

Delights this week:

- the abundant imagination creativity of children
- picking lettuce from my Mom's garden
- buds on the peony bush which haven't appeared in years

- free snowball blooms from a neighbor's bush
- decorating cupcakes
- eating cupcakes!

- morning light shining in on my breakfast including a PW sticky bun!
- Rachel discovering a new book series that is SO her!
- being together
- making new memories

- evening walk
- flowers
- the magic of sunlight
- mountains

- the joy of a playground
- evening sky
- light through trees

Tell me some of your joys of summer so far! We are just getting summer started so I'm eager to embrace slowing down and enjoying simple pleasures!


Ginger said...

RETIREMENT! Need I say more??

Mary Ann said...

Last week was Andy's full week of chemo so by Friday, he was exhausted, worn out and not feeling well. We have learned to just automatically schedule a weekend of NOTHING for that weekend of each cycle.

When I say NOTHING, I mean we mainly just stay home. I, of course, still have some chores to attend to. I ran a few quick errands Saturday morning then spent the rest of the weekend at home. It was lovely. (Of course, Andy not feeling well isn't lovely but you know what I mean!)

I planned each day to not work on my to-do list past noon-ish and just rest in the afternoon. Bought a rotisserie chicken on Friday then made pimiento cheese, rice and veggie salad and chicken salad. With some fresh fruit and a few other things on hand, easy cool meals were ready to go! I had a few meals on the deck under the patio umbrella--so relaxing.

I think my goal is to savor summer weekends in this way all summer long. Each week may look a little different but I just want to take time to relax. It has been wonderful!

Mrs. Chrissy T said...

I will have to be honest I am struggling with slowing right now. Last summer was our "Slow" summer and I am very simple during our homeschool year and aim for slow days as you encourage. But summer for me means making up in a lot of projects, housework, and school planning that gets neglected during our school year. I am feeling a lot pressure. I need to set aside SLOW days and TIMES DAILY to slow with my children or I am afraid that our summer will slip by and I will feel we didn't just "be". I am glad you are having a delightful time, sweet friend. Thanks for the encouragement!

Monica Wilkinson said...

@Ginger: exactly! So happy for you!

@Mrs. Chrissy T: Me too friend - I just told my Mom I was struggling to slow right now. These snippets above were not necessarily intentional or even long, just little bits and pieces that I can look back and be thankful for!

@Mary Ann: Yes! Exactly! Look for those savoring moments - they are a blessing!