Thursday, May 18, 2017

Breakfast Picnic

Samuel asked me recently what my favorite thing to do was and I sat quietly for a moment and finally answered, "I think going on picnics!" It's a hard question to name your favorite thing when there are so many lovely things to enjoy in life but I now that I've thought on it a few more days I would still say picnics are one of my very favorite things!

My friend Melissa suggested a breakfast picnic after we'd tried several times to meet and it hadn't worked out for various reasons including the entrance being blocked by a serious car accident, weather and scheduling conflicts! Why do I always forget how wonderful breakfast picnics are?!?!?!

I mean a picnic is always a good idea but there is something lovely about different times of day and enjoying the cool of the morning was really wonderful. We combined our efforts for breakfast - things from her freezer, a few wild blackberries from our yard mixed with red and blue berries from the store and hydrangeas from my backyard. Oh, they have gotten so pretty in the last week! Time for a big beautiful bouquet!!!

The girls cleverly made crowns out of things they found in nature plus one droopy hydrangea bloom that I donated! I love the creativity present!

Mom talk time with a sweet friend and creative play in an amazing tree house all while enjoying nourishment and fresh air: yes please!!!

I have bought two new pairs of shorts recently thanks to sale+coupon+birthday money = happy mama! I find shopping for shorts hard and actually I went probably well over one decade without really wearing shorts. Anyway, found these super comfy shorts at the Loft Outlet {couldn't find a link} and have worn both pairs a couple of times already - love them!

Speaking of clothes - this Happy Camper t-shirt was a little treat to myself for fun! The price seems to fluctuate - I ordered for less than $10 on Amazon! Plus anything I can put with gingham is a plus in my book! My necklace was a birthday gift and has Psalm 119:105-110 on it!!!


Unknown said...

Love it!

Mrs. Chrissy T said...

So refreshing! I love how you layer your clothes.

*carrie* said...

Looks fun. I never think of doing breakfast picnics. Will have to keep that in mind. Glad you had fun!