Monday, April 17, 2017

The Value of Unscheduled Time

Rachel recently had a birthday party invite and as I dropped her off and asked if the host needed help - I realized I had two hours to myself and wasn't sure how to spend it! I was very tired and low energy that afternoon and didn't have any errands I especially needed to complete. So, with my camera and journal, I drove a few blocks to a beach and boardwalk park and just enjoyed quiet.

I sat in the car and listened to the noisy chattering of the birds, felt the warmth of the sun and the cooling of the breeze, heard the water lapping and boats whizzing by. Part of the time I wrote things down that were on my mind and needed some processing time. Part of the time I just sat and rested.

After a while, I took a walk and enjoyed the quiet and calm of that too and then headed back to the car for a few more minutes before picking Rachel up. How often do we end up with unscheduled time? I mean, really?

The time I had this afternoon reminded me of the value of having a block of time like this and how refreshing it can be. I did not have an agenda, any place to be or really anything with me to accomplish. Let's face it - there is always something to be done. Always. Embrace the value of not producing once in a while - slow down and just be.


Unknown said...

Beautiful! What a gift!

Mom said...

Lovely! I hope this time refreshed you in body and spirit :)

Simply Handmade Farmhouse said...

We all need this, so glad you found it! Have a wonderful day.