Thursday, April 27, 2017

Teen Pact

We had a great opportunity to attend the Teen Pact one day leadership class at our state capital building last week! This was my first encounter with Teen Pact though I had heard parents talk about it in the past.

Wow! I was so impressed and we had a great experience. Teen Pact is in nearly all states, so be sure to check if there is one in your state!

Beginning with friendly teen staff to greet us, play an ice breaker game and most importantly open the morning in worship and Scripture with a sword drill, we were quickly off to a great start!

Explaining the role of government in the life of a Christian through an easy to understand skit was also a highlight!

We went on a prayer walk through the Capital building including a visit to the House of Representatives, Senate, Governor's Office, Legal Library and Lt. Governor's Office. We saw where this building was hit with cannon fire in the Civil War and stopped in each spot to pray for the leaders of our state.

Our children had each written a bill to be presented after lunch. Emily wrote on smoking, Rachel on alcohol and Samuel on littering - all their own ideas. Their favorite part was thinking up a consequence - ha!

It was a great opportunity for them to practice public speaking by getting up in front of the group to present their bills. They learned some basic legislative protocol, how a bill becomes a law through a hilarious skit and enjoyed interacting in many ways throughout the day.

Students even held their own election for Governor for the day!

And here was Samuel at the end of the afternoon:

We can't wait to go back!

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Mom said...

What a great opportunity - I'm glad you got to participate in this! :)