Monday, February 06, 2017

Open Tabs: Valentine Edition

Here are some ideas I'm liking for Valentine's Day this year:

* adorable fruit wands

* This L-O-V-E breakfast is so cute!!

* Free Valentine's printables.

* This fabric heart mobile from sticks and fabric scraps would be fun to hang over a tea table or picnic!

* Valentine snack mix looks like something my children would love!

* I like you a "hole" lot - free donut printable!

* Carving a piece of wood with a heart is such a cute idea!

* Here is my Valentine Pinterest board.

* Great chalkboard art!

* I'm planning to shop my house for red/white and use that for simple free decor!

* Slow Valentine inspiration from the archives.

* Valentine treat box diy.

* Mail box printable - adorable!

Add your ideas in the comments! Have fun celebrating the sweet loves in your life!


Abbi said...

That looks like a fun day!!!

angie said...

This year, I'm feeling led to spread out the love. Instead of all of the Valentine's treats and sweets on the 14th, I'm tucking them in here and there. For example, yesterday I found a pretty pink sweater at Kohl's for $3. I intended to give it to Hanna on VDay, but she needed a pick-me-up after school. (Middle school girl drama is merciless!). So, I gave it to her then. I love perusing your archives for past celebrations to give me ideas and inspiration.

Elise said...

I love all these ideas!!!