Thursday, October 06, 2016

First Night of Fall

September has gone quickly and left us sweating here in the deep South. I've longed for the cooler mornings and breezes to be ushered in and they have appeared in small doses. Last week, Emily noted a change in the air and said she thought Fall was finally coming and at first I wasn't sure I agreed but then Friday came.

It wasn't really cool, but there definitely was a change in the air. I love that Emily notices the smell and feeling of the air as that is something I do too. Certain air smells will bring back certain memories or places or seasons. I love that.

For several weeks I've been dreaming of a picnic over at our neighborhood lake and for one reason or another we just have not done it yet. So when David and I were talking about the weekend and I mentioned a picnic, he was supportive and yay we went!

It was really a lovely evening, the bugs were out in full force but the temperature was great and the sky was so pretty. I am enjoying the evenings getting dark earlier - it makes home feel all the cozier and I love the warm soft glow of lamplight. Soft light puts me at ease, hides the dirt in the corners of my home and calms the hearts and energies of those around me. We all just take a deep breath it feels like.

There are many Fall picnic pins on my Pinterest boards and I didn't really study them to go on this picnic but I see influences of them in our photos. We had gone out in the afternoon to get a couple of things and I wanted to stop and cut my first goldenrod of the season. In my mind's eye, I wanted some sunflowers to add but decided to see what I could do for free instead and I love the flowers all the more for not costing a single penny just a few minutes to stop and cut them. By the way, have you put scissors in your glove box yet for this?! It has been the best idea ever to do this!

Dinner was ever so simple: chili with toppings, sliced apples from the orchard and brownies and ice cream for dessert. There was a pinecone bomb war while I was setting up and after we ate, a Mary Poppins inspired dance on top of the picnic table. Oh, the energy and imagination of these littles in our home!

We walked home and I just savored the glow of family, food, Fall and slowing together. It was the perfect way to finish September and welcome October!



And, thanks to Jaime for sharing the link to this lovely phone lock screen! Happy October!!


Unknown said...

That not only looks fun,it looks beautiful!:) what a great idea!:) I hope yall are ok ,away from the storm. I'll be praying!!

Jen said...

I love this! I, too, love softer light and early evening darkness--for all the reasons you mentioned.

I am wondering how you are faring with impending hurricane? Stay safe!

Mrs. Chrissy T said...


Lovely picnic. We are planning one for this Saturday. We are going to a boardwalk where there are some of Mississippi's oldest and largest Cypress Trees. We are studying trees. It has been a long time since we have had a picnic. I love the idea of chili. I enjoyed your post as always.

Lots of blessings,
Chrissy T

Anonymous said...

Beautiful and YUm-O!!! Praying for ya'll!!~tammy

Kelli said...

I too love picnics. As my kids grow older and I know how limited my time is with them I try to find the time to picnic..even on the grass in the's the memories and slowness the I love about picnics.

Mom said...

Lovely!! :)

Simply Handmade Farmhouse said...

Lovely idea, I love fall and all that it brings...thanks for reminding us to slow down.