Friday, September 23, 2016

A Night of Medieval History

A popular item on our CC calendar has become our family nights that we hold twice a school year. We have one in the Fall and one in the Spring and the events and activities are usually themed around the history we are studying at the time. My three wanted to dress up for the occasion so here they are in their best free medieval costumes we could scrounge up at home last minute!

We just had our Fall night and I'm sharing what we did in case any of you might like to try this! It is always a fun and with everyone signing up to bring things it lifts the burden for all and makes it possible to do so many activities.

Most of these ideas are from the Story of the World volume 2 activity book though there are lots of Pinterest options as well!

Eat a Monk's Dinner: families brought split pea and lentil soups, crusty bread, sliced cheese and apples and cider. A rustic tasty meal!

Avoid the Plague: I brought homemade Thieves oil and this story from the time of the Plague!

Write with a Quill Pen: feathers were brought for dipping in grape juice concentrate and trying to write on paper!

Gutenberg's Printing Press with Potato Stamps: I used alphabet cookie cutters to make potato stamps. My alphabet stamps would not press in backwards so some of our letters did turn out backwards but it was still fun and part of the learning process of developing the printing press I'm sure!

Make a Chinese Lantern: like this.

Make your own Coat of Arms: use this printable.

Jousting with stick ponies and foam swords or pool noodles. This was a HUGE hit! I think they will be talking about this for a while!

Castles out of marshmallows and toothpicks.

Illuminate the Book of Common Prayer: see SOTW volume 2 for the details and printable for this.

Play a game called Elephants and Horses.

We always have a reading corner or area with books that fit the theme - Emily created what she called the Book Castle on a little stage in the Fellowship Hall where we were meeting with chairs and books. 

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Tina Leigh said...

I love living history. And looks like they are pretty good back in the day! Lol