Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Mt. Rushmore

On our "way" home from Colorado, we took a road trip to see my sister and picked out two fun stops along the way. The first one was Mt. Rushmore. Emily has been talking about wanting to come here for about a year and it was fun to enjoy it all together and make it happen!

We enjoyed the beautiful drive into the park and the Junior Ranger program was a fun addition too! It was fun to picnic all the way home until our very last day coming home. Picnics gave us flexibility and opportunity to stop along the side of the road and eat in a new to us place.

We weren't sure we would get to see buffalo as we took a different route to Mt. Rushmore for time's sake and were excited to see this herd right across the road!

And then, the winding drive up to Mt. Rushmore was simply gorgeous!

We discovered that South Dakota road signs leave something to be desired and we really did wonder if we'd ever get there! But, of course we did!


Leanne said...

such FUN pictures!! and I've been mulling over your word "wholehearted" from your previous post :-)

Mom said...

So great to get to do this with you!! 😊

Unknown said...

We just saw this the other day! It was awesome!:) this am were leaving pueblo colorado. Wish we could of met you!

Mary Ann said...

Beautiful! We visited Mt. Rushmore when I was about 10. On the same trip, we went to DeSmet, SD to see the home of the Ingalls family. It was all so fun and we want to do it again. South Dakota has so much!

Anonymous said...

WOW! You have some great pics, Monica. Of course, this brings back memories from my trip there last fall! Wish I could have done it with you-all! So glads you got to do it, though.

Love, Grandma

domenica.60 said...

Thank you for your wonderful pictures... I feel there !!

Linda said...

I just LOVED this post!!! Thank you so much!