Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Happy Home

After being gone over a month, it has been fun being home and just enjoying little homey scenes around our nest!

PS: I know you'll see my book in these photos! There was a proof copy waiting for me when we got home. It was loaded with over 300 layout and/or spacing errors. Those are dealt with now and I'm waiting for another proof - if I approve that, it will be all done and ready to be shared with you! Can't wait!


Tina Leigh said...

Oh yes...the tease of the sight of that book! Lol! So looking forward to it. Was wearing my shirt in your area yesterday & wondering, "What if I run into Monica?!"!

I'm in March 2010 of reading your blog. I've sent myself so many links to your page to refer back to. And I can't remember if I emailed you back but I ordered MFW kindergarten curriculum in January to start with my 5 y/o next month. Thank you so much for the help!

Unknown said...

I know we just got back from a long trip up north. Its good to be home again lol! Congrats on your book!

Anonymous said...

Book: I can't wait either! Welcome home.

Denise said...

I spy, with my little eyes...!!! Exciting stuff!

Abby from Belgium said...

Haha was looking on amazon couldn't find it. I'm looking forward ordering it. But I'll have to be patient.