Wednesday, June 01, 2016

A Non-Slow Day

Sometimes there is just only so much you can do on creating a Slow Day. We had one of those days recently where it was the last day of CC Practicum, the day before leaving for a month and just an all around busy day.

It also happened to be a Wednesday which is our usual Slow Day. I was looking for opportunity to carve out some slow even if it was not an entire day or even what I might have chosen if I'd had the chance.

We have to eat - so taking a few minutes for a slower breakfast was the slowest part of the day for me. Brewing a pot of tea and enjoying a bloom from the garden were simple but sweet.

I made an egg casserole the night before and just slipped it in the oven while I was making my bed and getting ready for the day.

And, when we got home later in the day - I took one minute to snap a couple of photos of my hydrangeas before dinner.

Looking for slow and incorporating it where you can has its own benefits and blessings. Sometimes life brings us a busy season and we can find peace and joy in little slow moments rather than big chunks. Both have their own blessing.

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Unknown said...

Agreed! Beautiful flowers! What is the secret to growing them?