Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Magnolia Market and other fun around Waco Day 1

Our entire first day was travel, airport runs and a little shopping plus some more travel - but the next day after a slow morning, we were ready to get out and have some fun!

From where we stayed, we drove right by the original Magnolia and then Harp Designs - fun to see their house right next to the shop!

From there, we headed to the Silos! I loved that as we were leaving, we heard this song which I've been singing a lot lately!

Inside it was quite crowded - so we were ready to head outside and get some lunch from the fun food truck options. I won't tell you how long I waited for my lunch, but again, there were a lot of people!

A photo I had really wanted was our feet at the "welcome" just inside the door to Magnolia - it was tricky to get because of the crowds but I'm glad we persevered! These feet traveled a combined total of 4,750 miles one way to be together - so special!

After this, we ventured over to Baylor to see the campus and it didn't hurt that we had the most amazing ice cream sandwiches from an adorable food truck!

We picked up some local BBQ and headed home for a relaxing evening!


Leanne said...

First... Forever is one of those "Jesus reached out and grabbed my heart through this song" and met me in a way I could not have anticipated!! Second, I am going to email you for some details on how you made this trip happen:-) this is like my dream trip!!! love it!! love all the pictures and I kind of wish I could eat that ice cream sandwich for breakfast!!!

*carrie* said...

So much fun! Grateful we had beautiful weather our whole time.

angie said...

If I wasn't convinced that I needed to make this pilgrimage before, the ice cream sandwich photo sealed the deal! I haven't taken the time to click through to your website to comment recently, but wanted to assure you that the 40Truths series spoke to my heart. I appreciated the iconic photo that accompanied each truth, since I am a visual learner. And now I am enjoying your posts about your Waco birthday trip. You live so intentionally, Monica! I still hold out hope that our paths will cross someday.

Heather said...


Mom said...

So glad to see these great photos again of this fun day! (I found out after we were there that the Harps no longer live in that house - they use it for office space for Harp Design. They've moved somewhere that millions of people won't recognize!)

domenica.60 said...

What a "wonderful world" !