Monday, March 07, 2016

Slow Day at the Zoo

Our sweet friends invited us to join them at the zoo on Friday! Days like that take a lot of pre-planning but it was really worth it for the day outside spent chatting with a dear friend and watching our children enjoy each other as well.

I loved that we were not in any rush, just wandered through the nature walk and around to see the animals, sat and ate a picnic lunch together and just generally took our time. We walked over six miles yet it was restorative in so many ways. Feeling grateful for this gift!

Two sayings I want to remember from today -

Sitting at the picnic area eating our lunch, Samuel said, "this is peaceful!" Melissa noted how few 8 year-old-boys would even notice or mention that. Warms my heart.

Emily read a sign and announced, "No Presbyterians on this path!" That would be no pedestrians my dear, smile.


Leanne said...

so fun! I've been keeping up with your blog... but, I just haven't had a chance to comment... I spent most of February in the hospital and at the doctor, but am home now and getting better every day! Loved your barn announcement on instagram! It was so cute! can't wait till I can walk a zoo :-)

Shelby said...

fun... love that it was a slow relaxing fun day for all:)))

Mom said...

Love, love, love everything about this! Great photos, adorable children, simple fun, sweet friends, and humor, too! :)