Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Slow Day


Our amaryllis bloomed!
Breakfast read-aloud: Trailblazers: William Tyndale and Other Christian Heroes
Zucchini Pie for lunch! Tea Cookies for dessert!
Napkin rings are part of a fun set of free downloads I am putting together for my book release!
I Love You Deerly free printable
The best homemade chocolate cake!


Tina Leigh said...

Do I see a little pilgrim? Looks like a wonderful day, full of good food too.

Shelby said...

I adore these pictures. I love all of the Valentine decorations, I always have a hard time after Christmas decorating and putting some color out. That cake recipe looks delightful.

*carrie* said...

Love all your sweet Valentine decorations and displays!

Leanne said...

sigh.... I must make the zucchini pie :-) I have now been "down" for over a week with vestibular neuritis (essentially vertigo, probably caused by a virus, and needing heavy duty meds so I can walk in a straight line, stand up, lay my head back! you know! crazy stuff like that!)... I'm a go-er.... and God is kindly dealing with me to keep the main stuff, the main stuff...and to SLOW down... your pictures make me happy! PLEASE LET me know when you do the next shirt order... I couldn't figure out my size because I like to layer short sleeves over long :-)... so I procrastinated and missed out!! the book marks your kids made are precious! they must be so proud of their mama!!!!

Mrs. Chrissy T said...


angie said...

I can't believe that Feb begins next week! I must put away the final vestiges of Christmas/winter decorations and pull out the red and hearts!
Thank you for the prompting.
Zucchini pie is on my menu for tomorrow. I love dishes that I can make ahead of the dinner hour.
Can't wait for the napkin ring downloads and more to celebrate the release of your book!
Is Samuel folding his own laundry?? When we hosted the Watoto choir and I witnessed the boys handling the laundry from start to finish, I was amazed. Yet, I did nothing to make my kids more responsible for their own. In all fairness, they have busy schedules, and it is not their reluctance, but my need for 'perfection.' Must. Let. Go.