Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Slow Day Breakfast

Slow Day is the perfect time to take a little extra care in preparing a special and fun breakfast! I love to make something that I don't have time for other days or to try new recipes! And, I absolutely love eating outside. The light, hearing the birds chirping, the fresh air, it is just so refreshing!

Pumpkin waffles are made even more special when served on a quilt and presented beautifully. A few sprinkles never hurt either!

What is your favorite breakfast to make when you have a little extra time?


Leanne said...

cinnamon rolls or chocolate chip pancakes!!!

Tina Leigh said...

Love the snail picture! He looks huge! What an awesome bookmark. Everything is beautiful. I wish we could eat out. We have gnats so bad and nothing gets rid of them.

We love any breakfast food but our favorite way to eat it is at night! We love breakfast for supper!

jen medeiros said...

I like to make pumpkin or banana bread with bacon and hashbrowns.

I have that Charles Spurgeon quote handwritten and displayed in our home :)


Unknown said...

Yum, we love waffles here too, my daughters added a blueberry and maple syrup to mine on Mothers Day and now it's my favourite. I have followed your blog for a few years now and just wanted to tell you what a blessing you are, you always put a smile on my face as your blog is so warm and homely. You are a beautiful woman of God!

Elise said...

Please adopt me!!!! I love all of this! We make pancakes on special occasions, and the random Saturday. Biscuits and gravy are also a yummy treat. LOVE that tea towel! I need to order one.