Thursday, October 08, 2015

Sharing Your Quieting

I hope this week is continuing to be a blessing to you even if it just gives you one thing to think about! I don't know about you - but once my heart is quieted, my home has been quieted and my schedule has lightened - I feel more able and even ready to open up and spend time with others. This could even be as simple as more time with my own children, I'm not advocating filling everything up again after just de-cluttering!

I mentioned yesterday that we had a missionary family stay with us two nights last week and it was really a blessing to us! I enjoyed the fact that we had set two days aside with no real schedule or expectations outside of hosting. It gave us great flexibility and removed the layer of scheduling stress we could've otherwise had.

We shared meals together, I used my Crock Pot both nights for dinner and planned ahead for things such as muffins and a breakfast casserole that were either already made and frozen or assembled and ready to bake.

Rachel especially got into the welcoming attitude as well and made little goodie bags for the children coming to stay with us. Each of my kids made a note for the pillow of a little guest and we enjoyed thinking of ways to welcome.

After they were gone, we ended up with an open Saturday morning. The boys in our house were at a church event and I took the girls out to breakfast - we had a great time enjoying the homey atmosphere, good food and just the treat of having this time to sit together with no agenda. 

It was rainy, cool and cloudy and I got to wear layers - glory! A thrifted military looking sweater has been a fun addition to my layering.

In looking back over our week of quieting, I think we reached out more and hosted more than usual and yet I feel more relaxed and quieted than normal. Wow - those two don't seem to go together. But with a quieted heart and some of the piles out of the way in my house plus a little planning ahead mixed in - God worked everything out in a way that has still left us with a feeling of peace. I love that! 

Now that you have made some space in your heart, home, schedule - how can you share out of that open space? It could be time, sharing something you don't want any more that you know a friend would enjoy, inviting a friend over or out to share a meal and conversation. 

What are your ideas?


Elise said...

What a fun place! I love this post, too!

Tina Leigh said...

I guess I will never know "slow or quieting" during the Fall but I love seeing your home and pictures and being reminded of it. It may be busy here during harvest but I'm thankful for the crop & I will, in turn, pray for slowing & quieting in my mind which=peace in the hustle and bustle. Thanks Monica.