Monday, October 19, 2015

Good morning!

Well, a new week begins and I don't know about you - but we have been waaaaay too busy! Even with diligently trying not to be too busy our threshold is way over the top and we are craving quiet, homey and slower pace.

Busy weekends sort of set me off to a new week in a frenzy so I'm declaring this week stay-home-as-much-as-possible week!

Yesterday was gloriously chilly and after church I enjoyed just puttering around the house and doing little things that were restful and soul-refreshing.

I had seen these adorable signs weeks ago and a sweet friend made me the vinyl rub-ons so I could make a couple! I used the piece of wood Emily gave me at summer camp family day this summer which holds a sweet memory also!

The white one is in my Living Room and the black one went in a Thanksgiving Hostess Gift that I put together for a friend's adoption auction:

We have been spending Saturday mornings watching Samuel play flag-football and that has earned him the nickname "Rocket" as he loves to run fast!!!

I made this pumpkin bread and served the girls and their little neighbor friends on our driveway yesterday!

Oh, and we had our first outdoor fire of the season - a sweet friend from church graciously gave us a fire pit this summer and we are already dreaming of weekly evenings around the fire!

This morning, Math is going and hot tea has been served while everyone is snuggled under quilts as it is the first time it has fallen below 50 degrees! Yahoo!

Hope you are enjoying Fall - tell me about your weekend!


Mom said...

Love the crafts, Rocket the football player, and to see that you're enjoying the fire pit! :)

Mrs. Chrissy T said...

I have been awful sick, but as it had me bound to bed it gave me some much needed rest for my body, soul, and mind. I read refreshing things that has reminded me why I homeschool, I read One Thousand Gifts again, and of course peeked on your blog. It always refreshes. I ordered me a key chain that has "words" that I have used over the years for my word of the year. It is stamped on charms and then beads. I journaled a lot and prayed a lot. At the same time my home was hectic cause mommy was sick and so now on the mend in health and trying to mend the home back! Lol! I have the same pillow on my bed. I bought it to remind me to count gifts! Blessings!

Tina Leigh said...

Even though gun season started this past weekend, my son started early by hitting a deer with his truck last Monday! Argh. So we had to process the meat over the weekend. Still harvesting some early variety pecans & prepping equipment. The main crop will be underway in another week or so. It has been gloriously cool here also! I bet there will be some smores at your house very soon!! Happy Fall Monica!