Monday, September 14, 2015

Down the Slow Road

On our way up to apple picking I saw a sign that said Campbell's Covered Bridge 11 miles. I didn't stop right then but looked it up on my phone and decided we should definitely make a detour on our way home to see this covered bridge.

I don't think my children even knew what a covered bridge was {tragedy!} and we'd had a hard morning with uncertain tummies and needing to travel home - so it was just the space of peace that I needed for an impromptu picnic lunch and a little rest on our journey.

Little treasures we enjoyed included a beautiful blue butterfly, teeny tiny frog and a little glimpse of Fall in a couple of leaves turning and one patch of crunchy leaves that I walked through just to hear them crunch under my shoes :)

Have you followed a sign off your path to find something neat or unique?


Tina Leigh said...

Oh it's beautiful! Glad you found some Fall there as well. I always think of Washington Irving's "Sleepy Hollow" when I see a covered bridge. I love that book & the old cartoon as well.

Simple Life said...

I love all the FALL in your pictures! Sometimes we find great treasures when we wonder off our planned path!

~ Emily

angie said...

I will always detour for a covered bridge! When Hanna and I were driving to Winterthur to see Downton Abbey costumes, we saw several and also horses and riders in traditional dress. Those images are forever recorded in my mind.
Crunching leaves are a favorite sound/sensation of mine. I know that our leaves will not produce colorful foliage, but they are falling. Perhaps due to the drought.
Apple picking is definitely on my bucket list for the fall.
What a wonderful tradition this has become for your family, especially since you are able to stay overnight.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy, that is a teeny tiny frog….how cute!


Blissful & Domestic said...

What a fun little excursion!

Mom said...

What a lovely spot to stop and feed your spirit as well as your tummies! :)