Monday, August 17, 2015

Simple, Sweet & Homey

Lately, in addition to slow - I'm really craving anything homey, simple and sweet. Finding beauty and purpose in gardening, tidying, cooking dinner and creating special memories together as a family.

Perhaps it is the fact that we've been out of our regular routine all summer - traveling and doing things we don't normally get to do. Whatever it is, I'm really enjoying just being home. A.lot.

I'm trying a Fall Garden for the first time ever - I ordered this Planting Calendar {with a great discount code}, which is as beautiful as it is practical. We can actually plant something year round here and I've never taken advantage of that.

{above} After picking a few green peppers, our two plants are blooming again and there are baby green peppers starting! Yippee!

I haven't bought tomatoes all summer thanks to our two plants that produced well all and some from a friend too. It's starting to bloom again as well!

We've also planted potatoes, green beans, broccoli and lettuce. I'm trying again on zinnias and sunflowers, though as I confessed on Instagram recently, I've failed numerous times. The above zinnias are from the local farmer's market. I love them! Here is our one zinnia that came up:

I've confessed my garden struggles before, but there seems to be something so wholesome that keeps pulling me back and giving me optimism again. I'm trying something different this time which is to garden on Wednesdays {slow day} and over the weekend. With school started, time to garden is scant and the heat and bugs will drive even the most patient gardener running.

Since I had let the weeds go all summer {again, sigh} it took me a few weeks of just pulling weeds ten minutes a day until it was cleared out. But, ten minutes a day in the early morning was doable and then I felt like a success because it was done for the day.

I'm also trying to plant in waves instead of all at once, which I usually do. I've planted one row of lettuce a week and staggered my broccoli a bit too. Hope it keeps our harvest going longer with plants always at different stages. 

Do you plant a Fall garden? Would love to hear some successes!


Tina Leigh said...

I've heard a lot of people complaining & having trouble getting their zinnias to grow this year. Makes me wonder about the seeds!

We have planted a Fall garden several times over the years but now really just plant greens. Our pecan crop keeps us busy from October til January so with holidays & LIFE as it is, we decided to back off. So since mustard & turnip grow best in the Fall, that's what we grow.

We had the best, productive garden this Spring/Summer in years! I hope you have a great Fall garden. I know you will let us know. Get it in the ground in a hurry though, times ticking! Lol!

Lauren said...

I was just thinking the same thing. I have a raised garden in the front yard (off to the side) since that gets the most sun...but not much). It looks really unkept right now and messy. I want to plant something that is easy as I do not have a green thumb. Does anyone have a suggestion of either a veggie, fruit or flower that is easy to maintain and looks pretty?