Monday, June 15, 2015

Summer Mountain Picnic

Ahhh, summer. I guess it is pretty obvious by watching my photos change that we are in Colorado right now! The summer is flying by and I cannot believe how fast it is going. I'm sad at how fast it is going.

We are definitely finding pockets of slow though and coming to Colorado is always a lovely change of pace from our everyday life and responsibilities. I find myself taking time to braid my girls hair, read books to little ears, sit outside and watch my children play and say yes when I can.

Sunday after church we were headed up in the mountains to take Emily to camp {more coming on that!} and started the drive off with a picnic lunch right next to a bubbling mountain creek. Bliss.

There was much playing to be done and Samuel was enthralled with the patch of dandelions across the creek that I would not let him cross. So alas, he had to settle for a measly one or two dandelions here and there on our side of the banks.

We were uninvited guests at a wedding in the gazebo which was a fascinating study in people watching! And, I know I say this all the time but food tastes so good outside! It is also so nice to just smell the fresh air, hear the bubbling of the creek, shiver a little when the breeze gets cool and move into the sunshine to warm up.

I am reminded again and again how restorative being outside can be. And I'm so grateful for the creativity God used in giving us so much beauty to enjoy and be refreshed by. How are you enjoying nature this summer?


Ginger said...

"Moving into the sunshine to warm up"-----ha! our heat index is over 100 as you know.

Mom said...

Great fun to enjoy this outing with you!!

Shelby said...

Oh how I adore these pictures. Your children just glow around your mom and dad. I love everything about the stream and picnic ideas.

Heather said...

We've been enjoying being in our back yard. We've done a lot of yard work just to clean things up and make it look nice, and I'm so thankful for our little fenced-in backyard where the kids can play, picnic, dig in the sandbox, and garden.