Monday, June 22, 2015

On Being Brave

Super close to our vintage camping experience was Royal Gorge Bridge! I'd been here numerous times growing up but had never had an opportunity to bring my children here. My Mom, Samuel, Rachel and I were excited to check it out!

Confession: my Mom and I {having been here before} were a tad nervous about walking over the bridge and Samuel was in tears at first sight of the bridge with the idea of going across. I told him he didn't have to go across but I'm so proud of him that over the two days he {on his own} warmed up to the idea and really made the best of it!

And, then there was day two when Rachel said she would be disappointed if she didn't ride the gondola across the gorge - oh my. I must really love that girl, I mustered up my brave and got on it with her - it was only three minutes each way and I figured surely I could live through that! We made it and made a super sweet fun memory just the two of us riding it together! And, I never want to forget that Samuel has continued for a couple of weeks to call the gondola, "The Uganda" - so sweet.

Samuel's favorite ended up being the little train in the parking lot full of punny jokes. We rode it three times!

My Mom and I enjoyed seeing the progress that they have made since a fire near them a couple of summers ago and the Legacy Wall made from the charred planks of the bridge. It's been a long standing topic in our family that you can see through the planks - so take note of those photos below!


Unknown said...

Good job Samuel! You're very brave! Beautiful pictures :) Christina

Shelby said...

Monica you are braver than me. Love the pictures and memories made:) Sweet