Friday, May 08, 2015

Renew Part Five

Titus 3:5 - renewal by the Holy Spirit

- talking here about how God cleanses us for eternity: by the washing of rebirth and renewal by the Holy Spirit
- How does the Holy Spirit renew me? I love the footnote in the Life Application Bible which explains the Presence of the Trinity in the work of salvation, "Based upon the redemptive work of His Son, the Father forgives and sends the Holy Spirit to wash away our sins and continually renew us."

2 Kings 23:3 - renewed the covenant in the presence of the Lord
- The Book of the Law had just been found and Joash saw they were not living the way God wanted and he did something about it.
- I do this too: I will be determined and disciplined for a while and then begin to get lax needing to renew by commitment to follow God whole-heartedly OR I will come across something in God's Word and need reminding that something in my life is not right/pleasing to God and I will need renewal of mind and heart.
- Sometimes I need a renewed perspective, attitude, mind, heart, etc.

2 Chronicles 34:31
- this passage is almost identical to the previous one {2 Kings 23:3}, this time it is King Josiah who has become aware of his need to renew his covenant to follow God with all his heart and soul and to obey His commands.

Job 33:25 - Elihu answers Job with a very long speech {diatribe?} including here where he implies that if God is on the side of the one suffering - He will see, hear, restore. He mentions the renewing of flesh like a child's and the restoring to as a youth. A child's skin is soft, beautiful, precious, glowing, unmarked from age, it is new, comforting and adds beauty to those who see it.

Psalm 103:5, "renews your youth like the eagle..."
The Psalm begins with praise and reminders of His benefits to us:
- forgives all our sin
- heals all our diseases
- redeems life from the pit
- crowns with love and compassion
- satisfies desires with good things
so that:
- these blessings or benefits from God renew us; it looks like this last phrase all goes together:

"who satisfies your desires with good things so that your youth is renewed like the eagle's."

- Like the eagle: what does that mean? We also looked at this in Isaiah 40:31, but what comes to mind now?
strong, powerful
king of birds
not afraid, not weak
not limited in where he can go
heights are lovely to him

How does that relate to me? To my strength or "youth" being renewed?
- seeing God at work in our lives is energizing
- when we reflect and really consider God's blessings and what He has done for us - that should renew our strength to see how generously He cares for us.

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