Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Slow: Morning Harvest

My absolutely favorite kind of days are chilly, damp and gray. I unexpectedly woke up to one of these days last week and it was bliss from moment one of opening the door and stepping outside. The crisp air when it has already been hot was a gift for this heart!

I wandered out to the garden mostly just to check on it and take a peek - and what a surprise and joy waited me in the boasting of things to harvest so soon.

We were late getting to our garden {again!} this Spring, late for here that is. It seems I never think of it quite early enough and we usually struggle. But what is it about gardening that brings out my eternally optimistic side?

Anyway, after waiting until Good Friday {about four weeks too late here in our zone} to plant our garden, we stopped in at Lowe's on the chance they would still have something we could plant. It was too late for seeds, we needed starts which truly is more successful for me anyway in this season of life.

How many years have I stopped in to Lowe's four weeks late and found a grand total of a few herbs, a zillion tomato and pepper varities and zilch of anything else. I'm happy to say we fared much better than I expected this year!!!

We left with a lavender plant {I want a whole field of it!!!}, romaine lettuce, broccoli, onions, two pepper plants, two tomato plants and a watermelon {Samuel's request!}. Samuel and Rachel also planted sunflowers and zinnias from seeds!

It really should be too late for lettuce as it is already getting quite warm but I'm so grateful that our lettuce is beautiful and has tasted lovely and not bitter. Glad I took the risk while we had the opportunity!

Littles helped me clean out the weeds and we planted our beauty hoping for lovely things to come.

My pot of mint in our garden has happily served me for a number of summers and it is already at it again! I cut a bunch and made sweetened mint tea {More with Less cookbook} to freeze in cubes and add to tea in the future. YUM!

A few sprigs of lavender in a perfume bottle - swoon!

And, more lettuce than I expected cutting only the outer leaves - such a treat! Half of my enjoyment will be just the process, cutting, lingering over and noticing small details of this lovely part of God's creation. My soul felt fed and light after slowing over these little living things growing in our backyard.

I wanted to hop in my car and find lots more for our garden, so I could experience this even more!

I served a big lovely salad for dinner that night with build-your-own toppings and biscuits. YUM! And, is there a better feeling than serving your family dinner from your own back yard garden? Feels so pure and honest and good.

Looking for and cultivating slow in our life has been therapeutic for me - a source of calm and joy. Like a lot of things it seems to go in spells and right now I am savoring every moment of slow and rejoicing in the way it blesses my soul.


*carrie* said...

How fun to have lavender growing in your own backyard!

Wow that you have lettuce already. Enjoy!

Julian said...

I remember when you started a garden. Beautiful harvest! I know what you mean about how it blesses your soul. My roses and their beauty and just going into my back yard to smell them ... there's nothing like it. Simple beauty so thankful!