Thursday, April 23, 2015

Incorporating Slow

We needed shells and a little sand for a couple of things recently and I incorporated stopping at a small local beach on our way to ballet.

Sometimes you may get the impression that these outings my children and I have are long and drawn out or take a lot of planning. Frequently I think of them the same day and just pull together what I have on hand or how to make it work in what we are already doing.

Also, we were at this stop a grand total of thirty minutes. It was not rushed, it was a pause in our day. The water lapping at the shore, the breeze cooling {even chilly!}, the birds investigating, and we were treasure seeking. The whole thing was restorative and not really all that long. It was a small investment of time in our day with larger than the quantity of time in benefits.

It can be so easy to allow ourselves to think we don't have time to slow down or take a day off to do some grand outing. I guess I just want to encourage you that it doesn't have to be like that. How can we just incorporate little pockets of slow and beauty into the lives of ourselves, our homes, our children, our families?

Are you on your way somewhere? Can you drive by something lovely and just sit still for one minute and enjoy it in the car? Can you eat your dessert on the porch instead of at the table? Can you read the mail on the porch swing instead of standing at the kitchen counter?

Today, look for one little way to incorporate a pocket or moment of slow into your day!


Julian said...

Thoes pockets are vitally important! :) special moments in the ordinary.

Jen said...

I love this! And I think you need one of those little IG books with photos of Rachel in her hat! Someday that will be a treasure. I love her "devil may care" style and willingness to be herself! Happy Thursday!

Christy Stanton said...

love it:)

Tasha said...

I just posted something similar to this on IG this week. Simply taking a few minutes as you are already out and about to see something beautiful can change your whole day. As we were out running errands we took a "wrong" turn and headed to the water. Only there a few minutes it opened up so many pleasant conversations about peace.