Friday, March 13, 2015

Wood and Wire Pallet Frame

I've had my eye out for a neat old window frame for years, and it is just something I haven't found at least not for the right price. Anyway, fast forward to last weekend - I was wanting to add some Spring to our mantel and again was thinking about an old window. My first thought was that I could run out and do some thrifting to see if I could find anything and then I told myself no. Surely I could come up with something from what we already had on hand.

Heading out in the backyard, I was successful in finding some old pallet wood left from this sign. I used my hand saw and cut my four pieces - the skinnier sides are one piece cut in half lengthwise. Then it was super simple to nail the corners together though I don't think I got it quite as square as I'd originally thought. Oh well - adds to its character, right?

Next, I used a heavy duty stapler to add the wire onto the back. I had wire left from this basket project - so cut my piece and stapled it on - super quick and easy.

With a very dry brush, I dabbed a little bit of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint left from painting my cabinets over the wood. I did lightly sand after only about five mintues drying time - it was so little paint that it was fine. I brushed some paint over parts of the wire too just for aging.

The longest part was the sawing because I was just using my arm to power it! The rest was pretty simple. Next time, I will show it to you on my mantel!


Elise said...

Love it!!! You've inspired me to fetch a window out of our shed. It's the perfect Springy colors, too. I may just staple some wire in it and add a wreath! Can't wait to see your mantel!

Rachel said...

So cute and fun! I love your resourcefulness.

Ellie said...

That is wonderful Monica, really cute!

Shelby said...

I am amazed at your resourcefulness. You make something out of nothing and not spending anything. You think out of the box. Can't wait to see it on your mantel. Happy weekend friend.