Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Renew: Part One

I've been studying this word renew lately. When I was struggling with the entry to Spring and the weather warming up - this word seemed to speak to me and my heart and now I've latched onto it for a few weeks.

From my journal:

I've been thinking about the word "renew" today. I want and desperately need renewal of heart and spirit, mind and soul. As Spring approaches, I want God to renew me as He is renewing the Earth.

Tonight, I am weary {again} of foolishness, expectations, my own failures, etc... so I turn to God's Word seeking RENEWAL! Even for this evening ahead, please renew me Lord.

I opened my Bible and started looking up all the references to this word - renew:

:: Ruth 4:15, "He will renew your life..."

The people here are talking to Naomi - they are rejoicing with her that God has provided Boaz to redeem Ruth. How does this renew Naomi too?
- provision; care; the importance culturally of having a male relative
- hope and encouragement that despite all her struggles and heartache, God has not forgotten her
- hope for the future - grandchildren
- renew implies making something new again as though it has grown dull, dead, old, tired, weak
- renewed: hope, faith, trust, joy, love, peace

:: Psalm 51:10, "...renew a steadfast spirit within me..."

Implies that my spirit has not been steadfast - oh yes, that is sadly true of me - my mind is not fixed on Him, I am not living with an undivided heart.

What is a steadfast spirit?
- remains strong, stays the course even when things are hard
- focused, correct priorities
- not easily discouraged or easily swayed

Look at all of God's actions in Psalm 51:
- have mercy
- blot out
- wash away
- cleanse me
- teach me
- create in me
- restore
- save me
- cleanse me
- wash me
- let me {let}
- hide Your face
- blot out
- renew
- grant me

Now look at all the things David asks for:
- mercy
- forgiveness
- cleansing
- joy, gladness
- rejoicing
- cleansing
- forgiveness
- open my lips
- pure heart
- steadfast spirit
- God's presence
- Holy Spirit
- joy of salvation
- willing spirit
- save

What kinds of things do I ask God for?
- honestly, usually circumstantial help, guidance, wisdom

Write a list of things on my heart to ask of God right now ... here is my list:
- calm/peace
- holiness
- pure heart
- wisdom
- humility
- courage
- faith
- forgiveness
- contentment
- joy
- steadfast spirit
- willing spirit
- obedience
- healing tongue

Oh, friends - this is just the tip of the iceberg! Join me in studying renew? Here are some things to ponder today.

What does the word renew mean to you?
Write your own list of things to ask God for right now like David did in Psalm 51.
In what ways has my/your spirit not been steadfast?


Denise said...

Oh how my soul resonates with this! "... renew a steadfast spirit with me! Thank you for sharing this! Especially during this Lenten season as we prepare our hearts for Easter. I find that simply sitting before Him, lifting my heart in praise & adoration to Him is the quickest way to be refreshed, but the renewal is something longer lasting, a deep soaking.

Lisa said...

I have read this post several times today. This will be a source of prayer for me. Thank you.