Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Slow: Luke 24:25

After studying this passage, one of our pastors mentioned that slow used in this way means dumb. Sometimes slow is negative.

* Jesus reprimanded two of His disciples for their foolishness and slowness of heart in believing.
* They had known Jesus personally in the flesh and learned from Him yet still had trouble understanding and receiving at face value what He said.

* In what ways am I slow of heart and foolish?
- listening to doubts instead of truth
- letting discouragement bring me down
- forgetting
- letting my mind wander instead of focus on Jesus

* Jesus' solution was to go back to the beginning and explain just like we often do with our children.
* Then Jesus stayed with them and enjoyed a meal and their eyes were opened: for me this could be still spending Quality Time with Him seeking time in His presence to have my perspective renewed and refocused.


Angelia said...

Emily looks so lovely and mature with her new hair cut. She has the warmest smile. I love that darling picture of Rachael kneeling to clip daisy with her baby in its pack. What a sweet message she carries in her heart to be a mother. And that Samuel! Is heart melting with his flowers turning about in his little man hands to make a bouquet. I was thinking from your notes how much time Jesus spent with his disciples every day and the Imact he made. Just as you have impressed on your children's hearts His message of truth. Thank you for sharing these picture, they are fruits of discipleship. Luv Angelia

Mom said...

Love the photos - great smiles and pretty flowers! :)

Kelli said...

I love your slow posts....thjs one was much needed today.
I am going through a very busy season...too busy and have been feeling very overwhelmed so these posts are just what I need to read...